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The University DINING
(Chiba University of

Use :university (cafeteria)
Completion : 2015.04
Site area : 75,994.49 u
Building area : 1,213.65u
Total floor area : 1,120.30u
Structure : S+一部W
Number of stories : 1F

"The University Dining-A cafeteria offering comfort as well as food The University Dining is a new style of college cafeteria, planned to satisfy both college students and the local community. College cafeteria has always been a gathering place for students, like more and more cafes and convenience stores in town today, offering comfortable time and space so people want to stay even after they have finished their drink or meal. The University Dining is a place where students can come before or after class, in-between classes, by themselves, or with their friends or professors. Located just inside the Main Gate of the university, it is designed to provide a space where students can feel relaxed and at home. The wooden beams forming the ceiling create a sense of comfort, like sunlight filtering through the trees, and allow people to notice the slightest difference of light, just as they do in nature.
Gathering under the sunlight filtering through the trees
To create a feeling of openness and accessibility, The University Dining is designed so the seating area is jutting out as much as possible towards the main avenue of the campus and can be accessed from the three sides of the building fitted with glass. As a college cafeteria is a space shared by many small groups at the same time, two points were kept in mind to make the place comfortable so the students will want to stay there for a long time. One was creating a ceiling which has character and expression, the other was keeping the ceiling height down to give a sense of comfort when seated.
The main roof is made by arranging side by side many pieces of laminated veneer lumber, or LVL, delicate wooden material which is unlikely to get warped, to create a sense of dynamism and airiness. To give the structure a feeling of lightness, the roof is made to look as if it is lightly placed on the pillars. In order to make the structural hierarchy unobtrusive, we programmed the rhythm of fluctuation which people feel comfortable in nature, 1/f, to determine the arrangement of the wooden beams. The two-tiered wooden beams cut off the light from the top light so it becomes a soft, indirect light, and distribute it unevenly throughout the dining area. As a result, the interior changes minute by minute according to the season and the time of day, allowing people to feel the breeze and the movement of the clouds. Noticing the slight difference in the environment, people can decide where they want to sit. This whole place is like a big living area where a sense of unity and individual space coexist side by side, all bathed in sunlight filtering through the trees.
How The University Dining is being used
The University Dining is used by a wide range of people of different ages in the community who visit the campus as well as by students. Having a facility with such multiple uses located in a prominent place on the campus is contributing to the university’s image as an open place of learning firmly rooted in the community.