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Shibazono Elementary School
& Shibazono Junior High School

Use F Elementary school Junior High school
Completion F 2008.01
Site area F 24,466.44u
Building area F 8,543.50u
Total floor area F 22,041.42u
Structure F RC (S+SRC)
Number of stories F B1F-4F

This inner-city campus links a junior high school and four consolidated elementary schools. Entitled gA Nine-Year Journey,h the campus was conceived as an embodiment of the childrenfs growth, with each of the sub-schools enjoying both independence from and connection to the others. A gently-curved 200-meter-wide strip of land sits between the road in front of the school and the Jinzukawa River, forming a rich landscape that lingers in the memory of anyone who visits. Sheltered by a large overhanging roof, the passage through the campus becomes a scenic space where students, teachers, and local citizens can interact naturally throughout the spring, summer, fall, and snowy winters.